Vision and Mission

Knowledge Horizon is an international knowledge transfer organisation that promotes excellence in all aspects related to the acquisition of knowledge and skills. We, at Knowledge Horizon, understand the need for continuous improvement that is based on learning and the adoption of innovative solutions to various business situations. We work very closely with a number of top international and Arab expert centres to offer services that are specialised, customer-focused, skills-based and up-to-date. We believe that learning is a life-long pursuit for organisations wishing to be at the forefront of business success, customer satisfaction and orientation.

Vision Statement

To lead global innovation in making learning simple, easily accessible and enjoyable

Values (SIMPLE)

We honor and cherish:

bullet  Sophistication of the human mind
bullet  Innovation and creativity
bullet  Making Learning simple
bullet  People's need to grow
bullet  Learning as a long life pursuit
bullet  Emphasis on social responsibility

Mission (IDEA)

To provide learners with simple, easily accessible and enjoyable learning through continuous:

bullet  Innvoation in effective learning methods
bullet Development of strategic linkages and partnerships
bullet  Employment of advanced technology
bullet  Analysis of how people learn best