Social Responsibility

Companies worldwide are increasingly worried about the impact of their business activities on society. Many have created so-called corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes that aim to balance their operations with the concerns of external stakeholders such as customers, unions, local communities, NGOs and governments. Knowledge Horizon believes that CSR is an extremely important activity for a company and our initiatives which follow are definitely positive steps in towards social responsibility.

As you will see, Knowledge Horizon’s Corporate Social Responsibility is a natural part of our brand and we believe that, if we have a well formed corporate governance programme in place, it takes care of our CSR.
  • Knowledge Horizon joins hand in the Global Business Opportunities Initiative.

    October 2008

    The Global Business Opportunities Initiative was launched by Al Ahli Group under a dedicated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) division. The aim of this division being to oversee a series of youth programme initiatives to provide opportunities for Arab youths aged 18 to 25 to gain exposure to systemized training and an international business environment. Knowledge Horizon conducted the Presentation Skills and Business Writing Skills workshop to support this initiative for the South American & Middle Eastern Youth. Knowledge Horizon was proud to be a part of the initiative with objectives to educate, promote, support and empower the UAE youth, which is line with its mission. The Global Business Opportunities initiative culminated at the American University of Dubai for the Awards Ceremony. Knowledge Horizon was felicitated on this occasion for being one of the sponsors. The training sessions conducted by Knowledge Horizon on Presentation Skills and Business Writing for these young leaders and global entrepreneurs were very well appreciated

  • Knowledge Horizon YouLeap Charity

    May 2009

    Students at Deira International School were invited for a trip to Nepal with a focus on humanitarian efforts and community projects. YouLeap, Knowledge Horizon’s youth leadership programme was proud to sponsor this initiative with a large portion of the gifts and learning materials. Many orphans and students of various community centers were recipients of goods generously provided by YouLeap. The Nepalese children were overwhelmed by the charity, including a sum of money to be spent on upgrades to facilities and resources.

  • Cisco and Knowledge Horizon co-host first Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship and Symposium

    April 2010

    Cisco and Knowledge Horizon, supported by the Khalifa Foundation, co-hosted the live web cast from Washington DC of the First US Presidential Summit on Entrepreneurship, at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. Preceding the Summit, and in answer to the US President's call for support of entrepreneurship in the Arab World, Knowledge Horizon and Cisco Entrepreneur Institute held a ground-breaking symposium on Entrepreneurship. Cisco also announced Knowledge Horizon as the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute Training Center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Knowledge Horizon, the Dubai-based institute, will offer in-person as well as distance learning sessions, to help entrepreneurs from throughout the UAE improve their skills and enhance business development opportunities. Knowledge Horizon will deliver the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute courses designed to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the UAE, through encouraging innovative solutions and the sharing of best practices which can, thereby enable growth and job creation. The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute at Knowledge Horizon will offer a range of learning and business success tools through workshops, videos, simulations and an 'Entrepreneurs Oasis' website. Workshops will include Starting a Business; Growing a Business; iExec Enterprise Essentials and Establishing an Entrepreneurial Mindset. On this occasion, Dr Ma'en Al Qatamin, President of Knowledge Horizon said, "There are enormous opportunities for entrepreneurship in the region and there is also enormous talent. It's absolutely Knowledge Horizon's privilege to be able to highlight this and support the incredible entrepreneur talent pool in the region." "It is the intention that our two orgainsations will collaborate internationally with private and public entities, on an on-going basis, to promote the enterprise culture - be that in the support of existing initiatives or the establishment of new projects," he added. The success of entrepreneurs has significant economic and social benefits for individuals, communities and nations. The institute fosters innovation, growth, and prosperity by working with successful entrepreneurs who share their expertise with new business owners to help them compete and thrive.