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Based on the importance of continuous quest to develop skills and capabilities of customer service, the Public Relations department at Al-Essra Hospital organized a lecture on Excellence in Customer Service. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Maen Al Qatamin, chairman of Knowledge Horizon, in the presence of the heads and employees of administrative and nursing departments. This lecture highlights the importance of customer service in Essra hospital and identifies the modern methods and standards of gaining new costumers. Dr. Al Qatamin stressed that service quality level in organization depends on their conformity with according to the customer requirements. Accordingly, the expectations of a patient in a hospital revolve around receiving an excellent reasonably- priced medical services as well as good treatment by the medical cadre. He also added that what distinguish hospitals relies upon the quality of provided medical services as per the expectations and requirement of the patient. Dr. Al Qatamin pointed out that despite the advanced level of medicine in Jordan; it does not prevent the improvement of the care level and medical services in line with developed countries in the field of medical tourism.

He stressed that customer care structure relies on three levels; leadership level, managers' level, and employees' level. The entire structure in general aims to improve the organizational structure, care for customers' feedback, and measure customer satisfaction.

Dr. Al Qatamin affirmed that the study the client's feedback is a major block in the improvement and success basics, justifying his view that the client has a first-hand experience through dealing with various international companies and organizations.

At the end of the lecture, a discussion was held with the audience to inquire more about costumer service, followed by awarding Dr. Al Qatamin with an honorary shield presented by head of Nursing Department Dr. Mervat Arar for his distinguished contributions.