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Ministry of Education, represented by the Directorate General for Information Technology, department of learning resource centers ( LRC) conducted serious of brainstorming workshops in partnership with Knowledge Horizon. The 5 days brainstorming workshop is part of LRC development project and it was attended by different stakeholders ( LRC specialists, teachers, principles, managers, ..etc).

The Learning Resource Center is the cornerstone of the school community” says the Director of the Department of Educational Technology, Maimona Al Abri- LRC has a major role in upgrading/developing the educational process by providing an attractive environment for all users. In order for us to achieve this, there is a need to face the current challenges and therefore the implementation of this project took place in partnership with Knowledge Horizon in different stages includes( analyses of data through meetings and LRC visits, which was followed by the workshops and at this stage we will formulate the vision, the strategy, the key performance indicators, and roles & responsibilities .