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In alignment with its socially-oriented initiatives that aim to serve the local communities in the Arab and Islamic world, Knowledge Horizon has launched the promising initiative of "Work Ethics in Ramadan". The initiative entails a free of charge educative program with the objective of creating awareness amongst the workforces in the Islamic world as to the special code of conduct pertaining to the holy month of Ramadan

All Muslims in the world highly revere the holy fasting month of Ramadan, especially due to the great chance it offers to the believers for cleansing their conscience and winning the mercy and pardon of the Almighty.

However, we in Knowledge Horizon have noticed that many working Muslims who fast and perform their religious duties during the month of Ramadan forget all about its special social etiquette and the importance of kindness and patience towards one's co-workers and customers. Thus, the initiative focuses on this phenomenon and tries to tackle it by instilling the principle of "Work is Worship".

Accordingly, the initiative aims principally at creating awareness amongst devout working Muslims as to the negative practices typical of Ramadan that have bad impact upon themselves and those around them. Such practices include work misconduct, poor customer care, procrastination of work procedures until after Ramadan, aggressiveness toward co-workers and customers, lack of cooperation with work colleagues, or overburdening them with too many tasks during the fasting hours. The pretext behind such ill practices is usually hunger, thirst, and bad mood due to fasting.

Therefore, Knowledge Horizon, along with specific partners and sponsors, has undertaken the design and launch of the "Work Ethics of Ramadan" initiative, which entails a free enlightenment e-program and strives to reach the biggest number possible of workforces in the Arab and Islamic world. The e-program is designed in a very user-friendly manner and contains very informative material, in order to make its utilization by the layman, as well as by the highly educated, an easy task. The e-program also includes interesting drama videos related to the issue, and highly beneficial interviews with subject-matter-experts and Muslim clerics.

The long-term vision of the initiative is to alter the negative attitude and ill practices held by many working Muslim during the holy month of Ramadan, and substitute them by civilized and well-mannered devotion to hard work and distinguished customer service, as prescribed in the Hadith of Prophet Mohammad; "Work is Worship".

The initiative has won considerable attention and support by many local and Arab organizations; such as Al-Ghad Jordanian Daily, Al-Turki Group in Saudi Arabia, Iltizam Institute, and other private and public sector bodies.

All in all, the initiative's e-program has tackled the following themes:

  1. The fasting worker's attitude toward the customer.
  2. The fasting worker's attitude toward work.
  3. The fasting worker's attitude towards co-workers and subordinates.

The Jordanian Social Security Institution has provided its full support to the initiative. In coordination with Knowledge Horizon, the institution has delivered the initiative's e-program to all private and public sector workers in Jordan during the month of Ramadan.

The initiative, its content, and its objectives were also brought into discussion in many Jordanian media including the Governmental Radio and TV stations, and several Jordanian dailies.

To assure the utmost benefit from the initiative, Knowledge Horizon has also launched a parallel daily religious contest through the pages of the Jordanian daily Al-Ghad during Ramadan. The contest's questions were directly related to the themes of the initiative, beside other vivid Islamic issues.

To sum up, the Ramadan initiative comes as a further manifestation of Knowledge Horizon's firm commitment to serving the local communities in the Arab World.