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Hymaya International Training Center conducted an extensive meeting headed by Colonel Expert Dr. Ibrahim Al Dibl, director of international training and general coordinator of the program, with Knowledge Horizon, the strategic partner of Hemaya program, with the view of developing an e-diploma program in strategic planning for anti-narcotics.

In the meeting, the two parties discussed the methods of developing and accrediting the e-diploma program in strategic planning in accordance with the academic standards within a plan to develop the international training service management program, especially Hemaya International program.

Al Dibl pointed out the various developments and changes in the issues and problems related to the ways of drug use and addiction, whether internationally, regionally, or locally. He also indicated that Hemaya International, being keen to keep up with these developments and address them scientifically, is currently working of elevating the competency of e-diploma in strategic planning for anti-narcotics, which has become a key source of knowledge in the Arab region. Such significance is emphasized by the enrollment of 394 trainees from 14 Arab and foreign countries in four courses. The diploma resulted in the publication of a number of studies that addressed the key issues in the field of anti-narcotics.